He earned his first pot of gold by renovating his cell phone

on the afternoon of August 1st, I was chatting with my family at home, and suddenly I received a phone call. The familiar voice on the phone made me judge who was a friend I had not seen for two years.

Because the

in the field of entrepreneurship, I left home, he is choosing to choose red career in his hometown! He heard that I went home, so he invited me to go to the store to catch up, not seen for two years, really miss each other, so I rushed past


my friend was doing mobile phone repair, and two years ago opened a 10 square meters of small workshops, specially for others to repair mobile phones. When I arrived at his shop when all eyes bright blind my eyes, two years ago, the more than 10 square meters to 300 square meters of small workshop into the luxurious decoration of the small mobile phone mall, when I got to his shop door, a body of wealth he came out to greet me.


has not seen each other for two years, and everyone is very enthusiastic. After saying something to each other, I couldn’t help asking him,

, I said, "brother, you can’t see it for two years. Now the shops are so big. You’ve made a lot of money in the past two years."

he seems to be more anxious than I am, pull me into his store and show me his achievements. All kinds of brand-new mobile phones are full of counter, and there are also several small sisters who sell mobile phones.

I visited the next, do relatively professional, two years from a small workshop to do now, is relatively good.

I asked him how he did it, and he communicated to me without reservation,


: he said: "I was a mobile phone repair, and then long-term dealings with the old mobile phone, and know that the old mobile phone in fact has great value, you can tap.".

why? Because the old mobile phone is his old shell surface, in fact, his internal components are relatively new, but the ordinary mobile phone users they do not know these things, they feel like a new old mobile phone, many people will put their old mobile phone as to second-hand price to sell, I know the value, I received a lot of second-hand mobile phone, then the mobile phone shell change, mobile phone will become the new, in fact, the mobile phone with the new mobile phone no difference what.

just across the city network to fire up, I put my collection of second-hand refurbished mobile phone, then hung to the city to sell online, my surprise is that business is so good, every day I call more than 10 people 20, every day 10 mobile phone, then the 4 generation of apple, 4S fire. The two mobile phone, I specifically do very huge profits, every single profits are more than 300 blocks.

then I realized that China’s secondary market is actually very hot.

did so for two years, made a lot of money, and then made the store bigger, and the new mobile phone and second-hand mobile phone operation at the same time, and now I have 3 special refurbished mobile phone >!

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