Hope that the original article was included in Baidu is not difficult

often says, "read books, read skins, read newspapers and read questions."."

although this is not comprehensive, but from an angle to see the importance of the title, just in Baidu blog registered an account: literally published a few articles, less than two hours immediately included. Look at the picture below:


summarized as follows:

1. write unique content, do not steal from other people’s Web sites, do not copy other people’s articles. This is indisputable. Your readers want new content, and by writing something good and unique, it will be a great help to your website optimization, and you will be rewarded.

really can not do, pseudo original, but also the original content changes, plus a summary of what, or according to the original meaning of the content to write a better.

2. content as far as possible is of high quality, can do the best, because this is a search engine and users are the practice of love, but now many webmaster is not a writer, not Chukouchengzhang, so do not learn the above method to practice it slowly.

3. title, try to include keywords, which can help search engine spiders crawl, help your article index in these keywords, and help readers to retrieve content. You can do some keyword search, and then write articles based on the hot keywords you get.

4., when writing articles, must pay attention to the uniqueness of the title of the article. When the best search in Baidu search, whether there is. And then decide the direction of the title. Soft text must be attractive, can arouse the reader’s taste.

5. words not too much, there are 200 to 500 words is enough, now the materialistic society, the fast pace of life, work pressure is full, most people do not have so time to see you two or three thousand words.

above is only the author to do the experiment to get the effect and perception, if there is a better way, please and I explore the soft Wen charm.

In this paper,

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