Do stand to counterparts earn money to professional

has been away on business for several days, and has not come to the code word for several days. Pour a cup of tea. Let’s talk slowly. Why do we have to stand up to each other?

as the name suggests, do stand to the counterpart is equal to the professional counterparts, like your doctor a physics department to give you to the streets to sweep the road will not be very uncomfortable? Do not say first salary problem, the key is a waste of talent, because you are not a professional experience in this area is not sweeping, so obviously you are not suitable for this profession, you should find suitable subjects into the struggle………

is in fact a lot of things did not, if you do not own characteristics even if do dumpster to professional, not all day thinking about how much a page where the alliance in the GG, how much more, don’t think all day every day can earn dollars, earn much less RMB, because it don’t waste your light station, people are very


do stand to have their own profit model, only know by alliance is not the ability to have no future, we China is a network of power, the station also many, but can make good use of their site IP webmaster is very little! How to use?? I have a few examples of


in Singapore, I have a classmate he is doing relatively heterogeneous Web site, which is similar to the kind of stockings, beautiful pictures stand, but he works and legs, perhaps in your eyes is BT, but this is normal in foreign countries, the key is that he can use the IP Money which is the most critical don’t bother him, the normal metamorphosis first, do you still stand sex pervert?? is not

!My classmate

that he has a good business idea, which is built at first site because he love shoot people’s legs, collect more spread to the Internet has formed the scale, he is advertising alliance at first, but the income is not too his mind, then see another classmate bought a pair of XX autographs the same style shoes, Nike shoes sold only 300 to Sgd, but a celebrity signature certificate on the value of close to 2000Sgd, in a few days the guy had begun the conversion mode, he went to the street to buy 10sgd to take photos and stockings, find a video of modifications, let people mistake him for 10Sgd (more than 40 RMB) to buy stockings beauty through……..

some things by hand beauty is different, to say nothing of the foot, in this way he won a small income, not after videotaping girls were arrested on suspicion of molesting! This is occurring in a real event around me

!In fact, in the domestic

website is very good, professional station, garbage do change template set AD is very good, such as non mainstream counterparts, at present, can go to Baidu search in front of several non mainstream stations are basically in the real


entertainment station also has entertainment station selling, not necessarily the 1 cent 1 click advertising, such as you do play station, you can do some promotion, do card or items sold, this station has not.

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