A poor university students stand ups and downs

how hard it is for a poor student to set up a website. For their own interests to do their own stations, encountered difficulties and hardships, once I am afraid of the weather, and now, in order to live, I do not give up, really unwilling, really reluctant to say that: goodbye,


station is very hard, the majority of owners also have experience, all day to day ranking optimization, pay attention to their station, also do not see what development, ranking change even a little bit of all happy for a long time, but a long time dragged me across the very website, although it is love, but the poor so I can not support it now is not the right I stand to say goodbye……

began to learn, not to do a website, the hacker achievement, just started to spend money to buy a space, then get a program on the day to watch the day website, dozens of IP to 100 IP slowly a little happy, but found more and more traffic is so hard to find, in the school to see all other schools BBS doing nothing. I made a BBS of the school, do not want to let the school found me training meal, said my personal BBS, unable to get out of school, go to the domain name, the site shut down, so the school said don’t pursue my responsibility, I really helpless, this Chinese society.

destroyed the forum, can not, and made the information release stand, their record down, the school has not found my website now, but I slowly felt Internet is my own problem, no computer, every day to run the cafe, a day and 10, more than half a penny never seen on the website and believe that many webmaster have experienced the bitterness, slowly living tension, is not good to be home to consciousness, after all the family condition is not good, stay at home for a few days at home, my father and I was tired of school is wasted in the network I was cruel, decided to give up my website, do not have the ability to do, the heart is not the taste, and very reluctant to own website, although not do it, after all, have worked hard to give up.

sites are now rarely updated, very helpless at the website every day to go down, I can only say to yourself again after have the ability to pursue their own network, now still learning, the mind of his website says goodbye!

I will come back one day, not blaming heaven not complain but not their ability!


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