nternet on the nternet in 2015 8 point of view and practical

read Qin Gang’s "Internet point of view" a book, some gains, especially the case cited, it is worth trying, although the difficulties still exist, but there are opportunities. "Dream River" in the book think good point list down, everybody see.


1 Internet era, what is the most terrible


Internet development is too fast, the dream from 2009 to join the industry, very clear sense of changes and changes in the industry huge. Take a look at the Internet for 09 years, and then look at 2015, when the Fengyun company, project, now what is the state, can not keep up with the pace of the times, doomed to be eliminated. Qin Gang said, too lazy to use their brains, too lazy to learn, too lazy to contact users, too lazy to major, too lazy to follow up new technologies, are terrible, do not passively wait for change, and finally to be eliminated fate. So, Ma said, embrace change.

2 subvert the tradition, solve the user pain point.

many chiefs were saying that "solve the user pain points, we do a website to do the project, has been considering how to solve the needs of users, but to find the user pain points, and the solution is not easy, many people think I gave up. Our team to do business service website Amoy house (taozhijia.com), Meng Jiang has been thinking, we solve the problem what is the user’s website can bring value to the user what? We help business users to enhance the flow of sales, conversion rate, go15. The book for a second-hand car trading platform abroad (beepi.com), is to solve the user pain, how to buy high-quality second-hand car? The car factory for less than 6 years, driving mileage of less than 100 thousand km, and before being changed hands no more than 2 times. It’s very direct and specific, helping users to pick up quality cars rather than letting customers buy second-hand cars by luck. Simple and smooth shopping experience, not satisfied can return, Car Buying price is lower than the second-hand car dealers; profit model, the car owners of 9% sites charge into; inspection division, inspection of each car to sell second-hand car, and organize a complete test report, collect to sell the car, car service hand, second-hand car sale process connection. Qin Gang finally asked, "can Beepi get to China?" I think the answer is yes.

3 play the Internet, the most critical or executive power.

executive force is a platitude, when the dream to join the A5 company, Wang stressed the implementation of the problem. A good idea should be put into practice at the end, otherwise it will mean an empty talk. For example, understand (QQ2361456), a daily diary, unshakable, persist for several years, I have not seen him, only in 2010, and invited him to the A5 forum had exceeded the interactive activities. He is a super executive, admire. Now many people are doing the WeChat public number, the public number is updated every day, have developed the reader’s reading habits, regardless of the Spring Festival, Valentine’s day?

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