How to forge out flow over a million every day snapshot every day included boutique site


prior to the publication of this article we first take a look at this site in Webmaster Tools of data query, from the figure is not difficult to see this website only from Baidu to bring traffic reached 10 thousand and 6, while the next snapshot snapshot is today and the increase included 461, development data from this site can be very good. This website is the author after 2 years of efforts to reach the present situation, and the author for this site has paid a great deal of hardship. Starting from the aspects of website structure, content, chain, design, the author explain in detail how to do the content of the web site and the chain, these two points are the key to the development of a site, is also the site of the only way which must be passed to success.

web content:

website content is the website search engine spiders crawl and collected according to, can also be said to be the foundation of the development of the site, no good content there is no search engine spiders crawl content, so there will be no good user experience. So what kind of website content is high quality content,


1, the content must conform to the website theme


business website is an online shop and related websites, and the content of the website should be related with the shop, here is a look at the content of the site, from the image below can be seen in the main section of the website is all around online described the shop.


2, content characters must be greater than 500

many webmaster have ignored the article number of words, one-sided to think that as long as the write 200 words can be updated content for the site, in fact, this view is not correct, with Baidu algorithm update, the author thinks that the content should be at least more than 500 characters, this is a complete update the contents of.

3, the content must adhere to the daily update

The author of the June 8th

website add 4 articles on the author’s website experience, a good site every day should update the article 3 above, and a month can not be more than 3 times and not updated, do this is the website content to daily updates, can effectively improve the the content of the site quality.

website content is to stand base, the station, no matter you are what type of site should be a good, content determines the search engine spiders crawling efforts, and the spider crawling more frequently is able to explain the content of the site is very good, which included on the site and improve the ranking is very useful and hope that the webmaster friends when operating a website to deeply grasp this point, improve the quality of the content of the web site.

website chain:

In the

diagram, we can get outside of this site

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