HTML5 brings WAP web disruptive revolution development of actual combat NetEase micro blog


HTML5 is more and more favored by the Internet development team both at home and abroad. Abroad, Google developed Chrome Web Store enthusiastically, Microsoft released a support for the use of HTML5 technology development "Irish Spring" theme site, NOKIA spent huge sums of money to buy and build NOKIA MAP business. Domestic Internet giant on the other shore of the new web development standards are also interested, began to HTML5 products to test the water.

NetEase, micro-blog iPhone platform, Web App products in the first quarter of 2012 has been successfully launched. Now we will share the experience and lessons of this project, and hope to develop with you in the HTML5 development environment.


one, developers configure

Product Manager: 1;

Interactive Designer: 1;

visual designer: 1;

front end Engineer: 1;

backend Engineer: 2;

testers: 1.

two, development time

Interactive Designer: 22 business days;

visual designer: 14 business days;

front end Engineer: 50 business days;

background Engineer: because of the background data, it is only necessary to cooperate with the front-end engineer to call the data

, in which the entire development cycle, interaction and front-end use of the longest.

NetEase micro-blog Web App development process

1, functional requirements planning: different from the Web side and the local client

Manager: Product Manager, participant: interactive designer,

, NetEase, micro-blog, Web, App (in this article refers to the mobile terminal) is different from the Web end products, and the local client is also different.

1. NetEase micro-blog Web App compared to the Web side, has advantages of strong mobility, rich media, and has the information presentation space, information architecture, deep inferior. Two the use situation is different, micro-blog Web end use immersed in plenty of time, the superior network conditions; micro-blog Web App is to pass the time on trivial time, uneven in quality conditions of network.

therefore, the NetEase micro-blog Web App should avoid the function of large, need to choose the most refined from the Web often use the user’s mobile environment function, and increase the feature phone client specific requirements (such as iterative stage would consider joining the local service function).


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