How to use the space station do a monthly income of 2000 RMB

now there are many online special garbage station, and garbage station number to see the effect, make money, while the domestic space is the basic establishment of a station can only be a space, then buy a server wasted. And American space can basically be unlimited subdirectories and unlimited bundles of corn.

how do dumpster earn a monthly income of 2000 RMB?

1. to buy American space, speed does not need very fast, stability, the most important, you can contact the station purchasing, the station purchasing, under normal circumstances, cheaper than the United States station.

American Data Center ( promotion Godaddy space 150G+ssl certificate + independent ip+ unlimited subdirectory, +1 domain name only 399 yuan

2. space into M more than a few small space, to buy the cheapest corn, as if the current domestic CN only 1 dollars.

3. buys data, and now sells a lot of data on the web. There is a lot of data to sell between 20 and 50 yuan, to buy some data that you think have a visit, such as picture station, beauty station, movie station, and so on. Preferably forums, such as PW and DZ, have more templates.

4. imports the program into your forum, a data can be made into several sites. The template change can change, garbage station.

5., dozens of stations to do the data. Set up the background. The password is complex,

Set 6.

background, you can set a is not allowed to post, reply, can only see. However, such advertising garbage does not come, no garbage, no traffic.

7. is best not set. Just advertise it and make it easy. Remember to replace the forbidden language in the background, so you can be safe,

8. to you almost BBS to find connection, a lot of good. 50 to 500 connections are good. This search will soon take your garbage forum. Remember, you need to do is to find friendship connection, to the major station to hair. It should be a lot. Or set up a garbage friendship alliance

9. do not have a few days to search also search your garbage station, you can also start to collect money, specific GG advertising, prevailing in the world, a GG advertisement can put the M multi station, that is to say, you can apply for a GG account, GG ads can be placed on all your station. Just wait for the dollar,

2: go to the major forums or need your station traffic to go there. Out of unbelievable advertising prices.

: for example: this station’s advertising picture is 10 yuan per month. Text 5 bucks a month

looks very small though. But you want to, a station: 20 text ads,.3 pictures advertising bits, just 130 + on GG wide >

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