From the Pengcheng community to see the forum under the promotion of clever combination of Online

local forum website is optimistic about the future development trend of the Internet industry, many new owners want to try to do local forum website, but started not optimistic. The local forum website will attract more and more users only if it has a certain scale and popularity, and the website development will be more and more perfect. Taking Pengcheng community as an example, this paper analyzes the successful mode of Pengcheng community and draws lessons from it.

Pengcheng community was founded in 2004, has been 5th anniversary, and last week, the community held a "5th anniversary celebration party", a complete success. The community currently has more than 380 thousand registered members, with an average daily posting of more than 60 thousand. In Xuzhou formed a certain degree of popularity, Xuzhou is well-known local community forum website.

The establishment of

1 was earlier and the competition in the industry was relatively low.

Pengcheng community was established earlier, when the Internet belongs to the initial stage, the computer penetration rate is not high, the network consciousness is not strong. The earlier the establishment of community websites, the smaller the industry competition, the easier it is to accumulate users. Although the site is created early, it can avoid fierce competition in the industry, but the development of the initial stage, there is no object to imitate, you need to explore, while improving, while trying. Therefore, the new webmaster do not be discouraged, although you missed the initial stage of the Internet, but you catch the rapid development of the train; there are many predecessors website development model can draw on, you can avoid detours. Standing on the shoulders of giants, you can see farther.

2 line, offline, effective combination of activities to promote communication.

Pengcheng community forum is numerous, I love women, delicacy paradise, real estate, Home Furnishing bikers house is its main Bangui, popular active. The community conducts regular offline activities to promote interaction and interaction between users and communities. For example, friends of the home section of the car industry world activities. Organization of local drivers driving trips, exchange car care experience; instant photography salon forum photography enthusiasts, interactive photography, bring photographic equipment, similar to the outskirts of photography. With the name of the community organizations, members can get recognition, but also the promotion of community, improve visibility; strengthen the understanding of the members of the forum, to promote exchanges between members, let the virtual social network to the real life, strengthen harmony, close relationship between community members, too. The anniversary celebration of the community has been supported by a large number of users, and the party has been successful in making the opening DV, participating in the party volunteers, rehearsing the programme performances and so on.

3 enables users to provide fresh local information for the community.

community, I love food, real estate, home plate, a lot of information is provided by the user. The strength of the community staff is limited, but the power of the users is unlimited. It is an effective model for the community to guide users to provide more and more new information for the community. Community food, home sector are users spontaneous upload stories, so that more users to share. I love the food section and lots of Posts

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