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2013 for the first year of Internet banking, financial and Internet boundaries began to blur, cross-border action is heard. From the business class of small business loans pure, financial services to the popular P2P platform for the country, as well as the hottest Internet companies to apply for bank boom, Internet Financial play become both consumption and financing the new darling of the market, has become the object of venture capital chase.

recently, and announced the establishment of the financial network based on financial information internet financial channel, and developed its 7 major projects include the financial services matrix, to become one of the layout of Internet banking financial and other websites. And sina finance is also planning their Internet banking business, carry out information flow realization and fund product sales, logic and news coincide. Mainstream financial information website, in fact, have the impulse to carry out the Internet banking business, its logic is to use the browser and user base for data analysis and online traffic flow typical. So, how about their Internet environment and how should they go back?

internal and external shocks, the urgent transformation of

The prevalence of

financial information websites is the legacy of the era of portal websites. Earlier, professional information websites mainly provide information services derived from specific financial products transactions.

and finance and economics, the earliest from the stock market STAQ system turned over. STAQ is an over-the-counter market, and the OTC market is modeled on the NASDAQ system by means of the internet. From specific product transactions to financial media positioning change, financial information website won a bonus period of growth, but also accumulated a large number of relatively loyal financial users. Sina finance, Oriental wealth network also has long-term financial information integration and research experience, has a certain stickiness of customer groups.

so-called "as also Xiao Xiao loser, traditional media in the media transformation ideas and emerging social media under the impact, including the financial media by customers and the impact of large shunt. From the popularity of the small, WeChat and the rise of the media and the public media, the channels of obtaining financial information are diversified and the trend of precision is beginning to appear. As the mainstream financial media, both some professional and high-end financial loyal users, but also facing the industry and the outside user impact. Therefore, to provide diversified financial services become inevitable: not only access to information, users hope that the collection of information access, product trading and evaluation in a comprehensive information website, implemented in a field of safe and convenient financial closed-loop.


in the past, financial information website the profit is the portal flow in exchange for advertising revenue, and the value of internal information exchange, research reports, such as the stock market mechanism expert analysis software, financial securities, securities market information transmission and IT products etc.. Under the influence of the Internet financial shock, can the information website pass the user data, the flow and the number of the grafting platform?

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