The site is no different from the traditional industry

In fact,

personally, as a webmaster actually can only be regarded as a rookie, but in doing more than others in principle, I also have a little bit of their experience as a station not much time, out to share with your friends here.

first I want to say is I this time one of the biggest experience, that is the website and restaurant, selling clothing these traditional industries, in essence, the difference is not large, You reap what you sow., as a newcomer to believe accumulate steadily. Don’t think of their hits, or in the GG account $suddenly like a rocket soaring, such things do not rely on SEO, as well as not to cheat, as a newcomer, if you want to get more than others only able to do more than the others, think more.

you do, except for a small part, more and more people or to income, we do not discuss the League here, I just want to tell you the truth, is what is unreliable, only click rate is really (except the dumpster, or double). So, how do you improve the click rate? There are many articles in this field, but I would say that there is no shortcut to increasing the click rate. Your only effort is to do your own website better. In order to make some basic things, such as the basic SEO, submit the chain some basic, in Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar, forums posts, other more important is to do their own website, do you want permanent promotion time over time the station you do it yourself, instead of cheating on SEO one or two, it is better to write original articles for it, for example, we can look at this website:, I do this site I although the flow from no explosive growth, but in the keywords ranking and IP on the growth is very stable, and the sticky web (PV, IP) more and more, although in the early days I have been looking for a lot of opportunistic approach, but later in the day, I finally found you, no matter the high technology, rather than spend time to Study on those measures, not to spend the same time to do their own content, so your site’s growth is the real growth, we can see in the forum, many of the veteran in the repeated content first, and many of those new methods in the study are novice, as a rookie, why do we need to think about it.

to tell you the truth, I don’t know what I think. Is that right? It’s just a matter of fact.

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