Why do web sites in the end of the world become weak

The basic reason for the decline of the

industry lies in backwardness – backward products + backward thinking, and consistently doing farm work in the Internet industry.

the world’s most successful products, it is the foundation of this, the BBS, in the year to attract a lot of people, see now, so many years, it is still a patchwork, backward technology, poor user experience behind the product. Browsing experience, post experience, interactive experience, user incentive design, adhesion to 11 for example, some answer upstairs said something, want to know, on the horizon to see 30 minutes post and try to know their post interaction. The background operation platform of the webmaster and the staff is also very bad. Editing the text format also requires handwritten code. The webmaster has long relied on the tools written by netizens to kill advertisements.

instability, exhaust, post can not be issued, maps can not be posted, and even unable to login, often occur. The staff at "Ya uncle and smoke", netizens showed "we give to Tianya buy a server", occasionally sell laugh so long only adorable, ha ha.

Before the

user account, password, registered mail is total, a large number of users privacy leak, it is convenient to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, many people are human, the great cause of muckraking skinner. I know that some of the end of the world employees are also complacent, just exposed, the user privacy, security and management of the bad, shocking.

products lag behind, but still thinking backward. Not willing to make snap change the entire forum from the underlying architecture, not many years of tradition, the user does not know the old familiar with these traditional has lost much (they are also well adapted to the UI design, new products, and fast) how many new users of such old products no pains, which is prohibitive, newborn? In my opinion, it’s easy to far higher than the BBS, but not.

The backwardness of

thinking is not only manifested in the innovation of old products, but also in the development and operation of new products.

What is the new trend of

recently Tianya? Is the end of a micro theory, in the publicity release called to challenge the WeChat products. I took a moment to get to know it, and found it was "Tianya tribe" + "come" + some other functions.

Xing Ming admits that in the social field of acquaintances, it is difficult to have products to shake WeChat, but based on the interest of strangers, there is still a huge demand space for mobile social space.

I want to know, "based on strangers mobile social interest on this point, micro Tianya what with watercress group, Baidu Post Bar? Tianya laiba and tribal do many years, do what I don’t Tucao, see at a glance.

always chasing the Internet hot behind the ass run. Do the question and answer, is also working with Google, what results? Before it can mix a half-dead, occasionally also find useful answers.

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