Quit do standing and study half a month experience

on April 13th, I submitted my resignation to the leader. No. 15 officially departed, in the 5.1 labor day, I want to just want to resign or resigned friends some suggestions or ideas.

has been working as a stand for half a month, and in the past half a month I have been learning. In the face of outsiders do not understand, I also ignore, concentrate on doing the station. Originally wanted to work with colleagues to run business, looking for enterprises to do corporate Web site, but think of their own technology has yet to be strengthened, they will concentrate on learning and do their own two sites. I will not study more, mainly to learn their weaknesses. Today, say my website, give you inspiration.

              two web traffic in this half month time, and no one else said a month soaring 3000IP effect, I insist on updating every day, and it is pseudo original. But Baidu is not interested in my station, is still only included in the home page (almost a month’s time!) wrote here, I can not help but say: "grassroots webmaster refueling!"! GOOGLE is better, GOOGLE in my information included more than 50 articles, still pretty good, but unfortunately, GOOGLE is not the domestic boss! There are very few people come every day.

              when the people I have the hang XX advertising alliance what, but now the advertising alliance is not good to do, I am more famous in the domestic XX League to find a few CPA registered paid advertising. But found that half a month down, no one has clicked, no click, you do not have to register. Even if clicked, also should calculate 2% proportion what. In this way, I am not only half a month on the site earn a penny, still lose money and time on the site. I know it’s just the beginning. I haven’t given up on my dreams. I wrote these before, is to remind the preparation of resignation, and those who want to quit full-time to do grassroots webmaster friends, if you do not have strong ideas and team, it is best to prepare these two. Finally, we also need money, if we can not leave, money and life enough, this is certainly no good.

philosophy: "philosophy" is actually our view, view and belief in something. And faith is especially important!

team: when we have the concept, we must have a team. The team has the same philosophy, then it must be targeted, and success is a big step forward.

(why do you need a team, you imagine, if my website has 10 thousand IP traffic per day, I need to manage, update, review, etc., such a person can not do it. We should make a clear division of labor and assign personal qualities well. Even if you ask for one or two part-time jobs, you can do it.


money: many webmaster don’t need <

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