The speculation and Countermeasures about the change of the website to reduce the right of template

recently, about computer technology right down the right to explain and view, for SEO I do not understand, I just published their views. Still have to learn a lot of older people’s practice. Here, I would say that the website recently dropped the right analysis.

site drop weight is roughly divided into

January 8, 2013 change template

January 14, 2013 snapshot update, no,

January 15, 2013 complaints snapshot, afternoon show snapshot of the day

January 17, 2013 weight dropped from 3 to the weight of 2

January 19, 2013 weight dropped from 2 to the weight of 1

these days have been looking for ways to remedy, of course, SEO can not worry. (mostly urgent, don’t know the remedy, heh heh.)

for the right down, I was in no hurry to modify what other things, just let the chain website more diverse, try to express something in some forums blog website on the back with what, let Baidu spider faster index to the site, in order to attract Baidu spider to the site, recently often removed from the search outside the ADMIN5 SINA blog blog Ali and other places, occasionally in the horizon AD, although the site down the right, but included or pretty awesome, according to the results of Baidu webmaster tools that are included in a linear upward, of course, every day to send some high quality articles or tutorials, Baidu included you what?


computer technology may be down the right reason to replace a website template, because the replacement of the website template, and some places are not satisfied and modified directly on the site, resulting in Baidu direct capture snapshot, by weight drop, current computer technology. Included is pretty awesome


here, thank you for supporting my friends, is that you let me have the confidence to go on, this site, although the right to drop, but for me, do not abandon, do not give up. This is my principle, one day will be OK, here also to some new website friends say, do not plan to do much, do a web site with a long time, but you have to do a website is not only the time to do so? Here to just contact the establishment of the friends said, good management of a website, your heart, it will return, imperceptibly, you will find your site in a sublimation! This site my business for two years, first with the discuz program, the back feel bad use, and revision, changed the DEDECMS, has replaced two times without changing the template template, actually do, but to pay more attention to the user experience, I decided to replace the template, drop right down the right, one day will be good. When a website does not feel like itself

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