New station development do 1000P days a week

is a new built, many owners are desperate to send articles, after a few days tired put a statistics, see traffic or a few, then will go to the Internet to find how to get more traffic tutorial. I just want to say that tutorials are released out, is not the webmaster think can not use. Just talk about their experiences, or want to be a hero, you do not believe what effect. It is difficult to find a good way to immediately announced the webmaster, people are always selfish, not to mention the webmaster webmaster. You find the link and no traffic, the station will do the chain and pull you, maybe you get his help, traffic and search included will soon rise.

05 years Baidu has not made me a beauty forum mad when dozens of daily updates posted around, sometimes hundreds. Up to a week. At that time did not do publicity, as long as the Baidu included traffic will have. It is my two months as a flow rate is about 1000, for great people I stood still is rubbish, because the station is copied, the vulgar things. But can make money, beauty or a lot of people do, has been to more advanced human art language show. One thousand IP every day to find Links and only about 500 of the webmaster link to my website is back garbage, garbage and others I also told him to do the link. Webmasters link once asked how I PR you stand so high, I only know what is on the PR, webmaster tools search on the PR value of 2. still do not understand how he did, in the fourth month the honor and a do the station The link, PR rose to 3. for 4 months updates every day, nothing more than to do friendship chain pull, flow has been around 6000, the daily income is 50 right. Others see the website monthly income of tens of thousands, do their own station monthly income of only one thousand when head hard get a few months I was standing shut up, now that I think really regret it. More and more feel is pig, do five years, had a few sites on IP have more than 2000, a ten thousand movie network do let their K.


webmaster brothers do stand to adhere to! If you are determined to make a living from the website of friends, do a station will stick to it, regardless of your website has much garbage, with the flow do not suddenly change, it will make you very distressed. Just want to make money from the website of friends, or abandon it, do stand very bitter. You had to struggle together the lofty ideals and high aspirations. I have a new station now, has been determined to do so, in order to promote the template has been thrown out, there are people, you don’t use Adsense ah, I just said that the program is also the publicity website. Many web pages are placed into the code, style. I didn’t have you released template or just garbage. The database ah really don’t want to waste your time! (I’m evil selfish) new Baidu not updated, almost a week, every day I also update, Baidu Fenghou update is a bit slow, but included a stick to update, don’t believe will soon the Me. Recent photos, international cases, I’m looking for links everywhere, they and I are new sites, IP every day on dozens of it, (may be all on their own),

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