Spam sites leave ads for the best places on the web

said the garbage station, the first reaction of ordinary people is linked to the horse, virus, advertising everywhere, not content, cheat, cheat, cheat flow search advertising alliance. But is that really the case,


garbage station, I think as a personal webmaster should know what is the situation. In fact, many personal Adsense claiming garbage station is not in the eyes of ordinary people garbage station. A few years ago, I also joined the ranks of individual webmaster, since that has been doing a "promising" website, unfortunately, but now looking back, I feel I am also doing a garbage station.

what is a garbage station, in fact, there has been no clear definition, but now many of the garbage in the eyes of the station is not garbage, the most is the data collected, there is no original content. Perhaps some websites even do more promising than so-called regular stations.

and normal station called what? I often read Baidu news, Baidu news source site should be regular stand it, but unfortunately, personally feel that the site is a garbage station and garbage, there are two reasons:

1, poor user experience. Page design, oh, no! No design at all. That page is simply horrible. But it has not been at home, when I open the web page when the page is actually quite good, open the page is also good, just do not know Baidu included page, why is this, is this cheating in the legend of


2, advertising nausea. In the middle of the content, there is a "big box" advertisement that is out of line with the content text. It gives me the impression that it is more garbage than my garbage station.

3, the quality of the content is too bad. To be exact, there is nothing to speak of, but to collect. In my eyes the dumpster even collection is complete collection, but often see points a lot of pages you will in the "regular", only the first page, the following tabs are unable to click, is not end, depressed. This is not the most serious, often through the Baidu news on its website title, wow, too strong, only one title, didn’t, here have to admire this "regular maintenance station", trouble can engage in acquisition, acquisition technology can strengthen it, really do not worship personal webmaster learning! This website allows the user to see, a depressed.

I really do not understand, why the website became Baidu news source? And many of our personal webmaster go to business website has become Baidu in the eyes of the "dump", by shielding? Maybe someone will question what I say, to tell the truth, I don’t want to mention, the reason is not to this website for free publicity, but in order to let everyone know that I’m not lying, we proposed to the mobile phone classification technology classification Baidu news under observation, called a "central Silicon Valley network" news, open you will understand.

pull a little far, well, I am not against people call my website for the garbage station, "

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