Understanding customer needs allowing customers to spend more money on web design services

in the previous two articles: "forever" web design and price – the designer’s mind "was inferior website – customers heart unspeakable suffering" said two factors under the web design industry is more and more low price, so how to let the customer can accept your price is higher than other people


of course, what I’m talking about here is more unusual ways to get customers to pay more for your services, not including blackmail, intimidation, fraud, etc.. Again, this is only for people who love peace, any attempt to use illegal means including: waving black sticks, intimidation, whips, chains, handcuffs, batons, Langya beauty plan method please pass away.

I thought

is this: if you help customers design website can help customers to produce 10W value, then the customer can take 1W please you do not choose to spend a few thousand dollars or several hundred yuan to do a no return value of the site. Win-win thinking: not just thinking about making customer money, but also thinking about how to help customers make money. Know what the customer wants and do what the customer needs. Customers want to make a website, if you know what they do. Be able to give advice to each other, then how does the other person abandon you and choose someone else?

customer demand may be multifaceted: enhance network brand value, improve the ability of network marketing products, deal with after-sales service… Of course, when you ask the client what he needs, some will jump out of the question and say, "what do you want?" of course, the more demand means higher quotations. But in the limited budget situation, we need to understand the real needs of customers, to help customers calculate the input-output ratio of each demand. Do the highest input to output ratio.

: for example, I have designed a website for a client, and the customer is a company that makes lighting (which is not easy to disclose under the agreement). The company doesn’t know much about the Internet. When it first comes into contact, the customer also puts forward many requirements: design, marketing, after-sale service and interaction… However, after fully communicating with customers, it is found that the most important thing to solve is to enhance the brand value of the network and enhance the ability of Internet marketing. Therefore, according to the company’s current development situation: network brand value, network marketing ability is the primary demand, after communicating with customers, it is suggested that the rest of the demand will be increased according to the future development of the company. In this way, let customers do the most input and output than the highest part, and the remaining part can be carried out in the future cooperation. This will not only solve the current problems need to be solved, but also for the future of the cooperation foundation (of course, you have to let the customer feel that you are doing well, the next time you look for cooperation is also behoove.).

some students might say that not all customer requirements are good to change. From my personal point of view, there are two ways to solve this problem:

1, learn to customers say, customers need to be convinced about this topic in the "how to convince your boss or client, users" are described in detail; 2, for love, love of tossing too picky customers "

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