On the new station ranking ups and downs of convulsions

today, Baidu has released a new algorithm — is about "the sale of two level domain name or directory for cheating will implicate the entire station statement" serious may be implicated by even two directory…

"The sale of

two level domain name or directory for cheating will implicate ZhengZhan statement" again to the majority of owners warning serious cheating, Baidu why to combat cheating? Because he affected the Baidu ranking algorithm, which reduces the search engine user experience. Recent big updates have told the webmaster a fact! Baidu began to develop the user experience!

!The relationship between the ambiguous

today to share with you a new ranking and user experience dry cargo is all said.


group have a friend for me to do diagnosis, he said a few days ago his website ranking on the home page, but after two days without ranking dropped from the home page to page fifth, page sixth, and often floating is not stable. I took a look at his website, the website is very simple, but the theme is very prominent, the H label nofollow "these maps are doing very well, but I check the domain name, instantly know the problem, the domain name registration date is July 10th, before I write this article for only 10 days, that is to say, his domain name registration. Only 10 days, I can only say that he was too impatient to do, is a kind of accumulation, as streams converge into the sea, no time precipitation, Baidu how to know whether your site has value to the users of


well, then, a detailed analysis of his website ranking floats.

one, Baidu’s temporary weight (temporary ranking) mechanism, resulting in fluctuations in site rankings

first, let us explain what is the temporary ranking mechanism, but also recently observed N new sites, occasionally drawn conclusions. The so-called Baidu weight (temporary temporary rank) mechanism is a new on-line test on the Baidu website, when your website is the home page even before three, for new sites, this is a big surprise, but not happy too early, if you read the website is not high, the user out rate. Exit rate is high, IP:PV is too low, residence time is too short, Baidu must determine the website user experience is not good, not the users want to find content, so it is possible to stop you into the abyss, then the station can hardly stand up. Write this article just want to tell you this new ranking problem, making a station with people contacts, are slowly accumulated slowly converging, you insist for a long time, the website back rate high, Baidu will naturally give you ranking. By all means, don’t cheat. Don’t take your precious time to play with the Baidu spider. He can afford it. You can’t afford it..

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