Time net wealth of Zhou Yu Taobao Witkey



recently IT Taobao began to expand the teahouse friends broke the third industry e-commerce platform in July 1st, has been low-key on-line Taobao Witkey task platform, Amoy official Taobao display mode Witkey platform with the existing Witkey website is similar to that of the demand side platform released by the task, then the task designer submitted design work, choose one as the final demand the winning bidder, the biggest difference is that with other Witkey website Taobao Witkey only charge 5% fee for technical services, and websites are part of a 20% service charge, time net wealth (the former general manager of Chinese Witkey) Zhou Yu told reporters that the current Witkey website main profit model is the 20% service charge, rely on Taobao strong financial support and brand influence on existing Witkey market pattern will have a certain impact, but in the long run is not optimistic Development of Taobao witkey.


time wealth nets general manager Zhou Yu believes that the Witkey mode is completely different from the traditional B2C e-commerce model, multiple sellers and buyers can choose to submit works a satisfied work to pay for this, Taobao models and existing sellers mode is conflict, now indeed there are a large number of designers through the Taobao shop image design service, but users are the first payment to the seller, and seller of design, can be said to be one of the business relationship, Taobao’s designers have been accustomed to this business model, for there is a great doubt whether they can adapt to Witkey mode. Zhou Yu said time online wealth about 2000000 Witkey, they are on Witkey websites take the task instead of Taobao orders, in turn Taobao designers rarely to Witkey website to meet the task.

According to the 2010

iResearch released the first Witkey "white paper" showed that the total number of Witkey in 2010 20 million, at present, after two years of development is expected to Witkey number has reached 35 million, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises began to try to release the design demand of the enterprise through the Witkey price way, even the experts are expected in the third industrial electronics the business field to creative design as the future is likely to give birth to a new Taobao". In the field of traditional commodity e-commerce transaction Taobao has established an absolute monopoly, has a huge user groups, but the problem of fake Tmall and Taobao mall split products market has been plagued by Taobao, open channel expansion of virtual service e-commerce Witkey is perhaps Taobao a new attempt, a micro-blog crazy pass "Taobao, the Tmall business will be a major adjustment, Taobao will focus on stripping physical goods, virtual goods, goods will be all through the Tmall sales entity", although this is just a rumor, but also on the other hand shows Taobao eager to find new breakthrough is the situation.

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