The operation of Taobao in the smoke of gunpowder two the operation team is formed

last time I talked about the small operation team first person: manager; then we continue to complete the important factors of team formation process: see:


Second People: Operation Assistant

A Tmall

shop operation work a lot, a manager or a person is difficult to come over, so we need an assistant to help share some of the operation, but also can improve the ability of operation assistant, then assistant operations mainly do what thing.

obviously, the first thing is the first operation operation of the store, what specific place, I said, the first is the micro Amoy, micro Amoy to send every day, when the activities of the activities of the notice, when no activity of some interesting practical knowledge of life or some other related products and your business small knowledge. Second is the store’s daily after-sales problems, look at the refund, after sale refund reasons, the amount of refund and some specific problems (this store manager can do). Product evaluation, specific products are bad, what is the problem, whether it can be remedied, can not be remedied, how to gently transfer the buyer’s poor assessment and interpretation.

third shop daily false shot, which should be received dishes, whether it is the guide, evaluation, etc.. According to the daily activities of the store and the explosion of products, according to the manager’s instructions, reasonable product false shoot. Fourth is to watch some customers chat record every day, to see if there is a problem, the reception of the answer is reasonable, found problems in time to the manager account, and timely training customer service correction. Fifth is that some of the daily problems of customer service will be reflected in time to you, can handle, deal with, can not handle, timely response. Sixth is the shop some simple release products and activities of some attention to finishing. And the special emergency manager’s account. Then the operation assistant who need and transfer it, first, and his manager and manager is directly responsible for the handover, to explain things to complete as much as possible to complete, not timely indicates how many do, how many did not complete, not completed to complete the record, to be reported to the manager. Second, customer service needs and docking, some simple problems encountered need to ask the customer service operations rather than the manager, account and transfer and these everyday problems, and to remind the error when watching the chat customer service customer service how to deal with. Some of Tmall’s new regulations are delivered to customers in a timely and effective manner, and of course, inquiries and understanding of yesterday’s, or most recently, customer counseling, changing customer service. Third, and the United States and workers handover, the need for daily small map, or find pictures where new small problems, need to be modified in a timely manner for the art modification. You may ask, what does the manager do when the operator is doing so much? The job of the store manager is much more than that of the operation. First, what is the effect of the daily store activities?

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