Shao Guihu blog is a tool to set up personal brand

there’s no doubt that most blogs don’t make money directly. But there are many people who earn money for their blogs. This phenomenon may seem paradoxical and absurd.

in the past one or two years large-scale popular blog, the blog is not the best way to make money, people think the blog can bring a lot of good things, but it is impossible to make money through the blog.

"Blogging is another high-tech myth," says Dan Lyons, a foreign news weekly reporter at

". Some successful blogs don’t even have any ads. Blog pioneer Dave Weiner wrote, in the past 12 years, the blog income exceeded $2 million; there is also a blog, although not a lot of income, but due to the high degree of attention to natural blog, bloggers gave more opportunities.


blog can help you build your own personal brand and help you build an authority in related fields. If your blog is hard to make money, you can use your blog to advertise your brand.

            for many people, a personal blog is a great marketing tool for building your own personal brand. It doesn’t make you make money directly, but in the end you make money through that channel. (Shao Guihu)

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