Stationmaster talk about website originality is not important executive the most important

also some friends around to join the network, but a lot of friends into a misunderstanding, the hot total disdain tracking network, and always keep the creativity of the website to look too important, but I think now do a good job of domestic sites are basically no good ideas, including the four major portals, including network the game to earn a lot of money, they do not have what unique things, but constantly chasing hot spots, such as Sohu, on a hot chase, has two listed companies, but also the focus of the real estate may be owned by independent listed real estate portal, the game, it is not a unique focus? Something foreign, but most of them are not necessarily to the domestic situation, this is the home network. My friend and I said, to try to cater to the grassroots, if users love the game, do not do the game, not because you are not interested in the game, hot spots have become the hot spot, is not no reason for it, would you consider a unique creative, perhaps as long as one day, but no creative things execution may be a few years of hard work, do you think what is the value of head in the day time is reflected in a few years you work hard? Everything has a logical, not logical thing you believe?

I do not exclude

hot sites, do their own 26youxi network now is good, perhaps some people say small game station is doing too much, do bad, but the reality is that this station still has a large traffic, and easy realization of user stickiness, I also optimistic about the web game, SNS. The field of mobile phone related industries, is also optimistic about the mode of the website, but it is for those who claim to be the one and only the creative station is not interested in this station are some elite music, they tend to have a very high degree, rich experience in the workplace, they may love to drink coffee at Starbucks, but always do not understand why so many young people love to play the game, they chase tens of millions of venture capital, the venture capital as the only objective, but just do not understand why Li Xingping alone The power of one person will make a price of 50 million hao123 and 4399 again made the game very successful, I think this is ironic, as many people said, Chinese website master in private, not in an ivory tower, not those well-dressed veteran.

creative station is not successful, just as many people think it is necessary, not because of the development of creative mode you recognized station is hot rejection station mode, Admin5 is creative? There is nothing more than the conventional ideas? All operations to do well in place, only this.

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