The present situation of advertisement profits in novel websites

today, talk about the status of the novel station,

I started 06 novels stand, made for almost 3 years, 07 years in December began a full-time website, there are currently 2 novels, novels stand than those who do keep going by painstaking effort, the cattle X predecessors, far worse, if you write well, don’t hit me.

novel station because access threshold low, very mature program, get everyone’s attention, so that a certain period of time, is a webmaster is a novel, but recently this time environment, many station transformation or closed, but money expert or some, do not understand, did not dare to comment.

novel station profit can not be separated from the advertising alliance, so the main thing is to make money through the advertising alliance. At present, I am doing the following ads, although I did not make a few money.

one, GG

novel cannot do without GG, but now GG price is very low very low, and now the dollar price of the RMB is more and more low, so GG for novel station, basically do not do chicken ribs, unfortunately, and no money. Of course, cheating isn’t here. I know how to do it, but I don’t study it. I don’t want to say anything about it. For ordinary webmasters, the golden age of GG’s money is gone.

two, Baidu

what I’m doing right now is promotion and search, and I want to get a click of 10 Fen. I think it’s better than GG. Of course, this promotion account is very hard to pass. For the novel station.

, but if you have Baidu promotion account, if you take seriously, I think Baidu promotion is good, at least make money than GG.

I found a lot of station ignored Baidu search, in fact, if you are intelligent enough, you will find the search for money is not much less than the promotion, mainly to make use of the rules of the game, Baidu game rules.

three, first video

video is currently the first winter, so the first video for money is the winter of money, but also had to go, and the first video canceled the original sound, so put on after all can earn more money, life is to continue

four, popups

window, I hung up propaganda, easy, only hanging chapters, pages, basically do not tube, and occasionally go up to see how much money earned today. Lin Yun Matthew, wounding, and other people hang, not as good as I find the merchant, earn more than pop.

five, thunder express


novel download can be hung or express the thunder, I hung over all the thunder and thunder download to express, is money, is the express installation + download to money, I’ve been hanging is fast, up to a day to earn a few blocks, but you need to pay attention to is that the thunder is the mainstream, so come on you download novels are not installed express, they must be installed to express, and download.

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