Reiterated WeChat subscription number money way may not be bright

for WeChat subscription number, WeChat official has always been in a tangle of mind, before the push to curb its frequency and marketing purposes, constantly limits the rate of message passing and open frequency, and later in the development strategy of inconstant in policy subscription number, subscription number for relaxation of standards and the number of open to the outside world, the fuzzy convey a signal: WeChat subscription number seemed to usher in development opportunities, has got the official recognition.

In fact, in December the official WeChat

for the subscription number deregulation policy, you need not read too much, after all, in my opinion, the media attribute short time subscription number is still unable to get the face, because the current WeChat, the media attribute is still its development to avoid, is relaxed, because from the data open, number and influence of the subscription number has decreased significantly, but also to relax the requirements of subscription number to keep the existing development trend, in order to allow WeChat to use later. So, we can’t help asking, is there a future to subscribe to the tuba? How much does it give to the development of self media,


perhaps in my opinion, the development of subscription numbers in the short term does not necessarily rise again with the relaxation of official attitudes. Because in the circle of friends, the Matthew effect of differentiation, greatly shocked the grassroots subscription number of operating enthusiasm. Large stars frequently millions of fans, and grassroots subscription number basically around 4 digits, more hundreds of subscribers, so the gap between so many grassroots subscription number continuously cannot provide high quality content, but the key is in the present case, unless the heavily hit wide point, or the use of other special promotion, not the original capacity of grassroots account has been difficult to succeed. As for the mutual recommendation between accounts, only in the opinion leaders who operate the account useful, the recommendation between grassroots accounts has been difficult to achieve large quantities of fans. This also to some extent announced the grassroots want to operate subscription accounts, unless there is support for resources, otherwise it is difficult to make a difference.

second, although the official subscription numbers for standard applications were reduced, but there is still no change to push messages and frequency restrictions, but in the face of WeChat so high frequency open, every day in the content push too, will inevitably make a lot of media in the content can not make a fuss, long past will cause small subscription number on the development of fatigue. WeChat purification sharing environment, desalination media properties, can really make their products in the control of more voting rights, but the first blow after support means, and some are too radical. Moreover, this purely in order to dilute the media nature of the practice may not be appropriate, the Internet information sharing is fast, accurate, accurate. WeChat has a huge user base, limiting the frequency of push is obviously a waste of martial arts, can not make the subscription number on the content to be more competitive. And this is the real reason why many subscription numbers have fled.

, of course, the existence of a friend circle is also a great challenge for subscription numbers. I don’t know what the order will be when you’re reading

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