The most important thing to do is not technology but marketing

believe that we all know that the Internet is not now the Internet before, and with the rapid development of the Internet, more and more open source code online, better and better. Now many people still make it a difficult thing to do it. Here, I tell you, you are behind in your thinking. My forum Chongqing College Network ( is to write their own? Really as a personal webmaster to do a website, unless your technology is very good, whether you are tired of doing a website, it’s better for me to spend two minutes under a change, so do now only second cards, I give you focus on what is most important to do.

believe that we all know that a successful website success, in addition to innovation, is to promote that marketing, I believe we want to succeed in doing web site to innovation, all know, and we will focus on marketing.

judge the site is an important basis for good and bad, that is included, ranking, PR, traffic, and I will turn to you about these factors in turn. First of all, to collect the good website design after the first do not rush to the line on the website, carefully examine your own website and not what the place you want to modify, if not sure what to need to modify where you can start to add data.


do not collect any data, must be absolutely original, there is no need to add a hundred pieces of data, as long as dozens enough, but must be absolutely original.


data is added to the dozens after you can go online, here again remind one: good website should be carefully test what else do you want to modify the place before the line, determine there is no line, because of the short time after the line on the website is not modify anything, a code will not work, can only be added the new data.

a day after the original one month, you can 5 original, 15 collection, so believe that included you are no problem,

ranking is a basis for your promotion, domain name for ranking is very important, we try to use top-level domain name, search engine optimization, keywords, and so on,

for the majority of web traffic is the lifeblood of their survival, so do let them know your website, how can let him know? I believe that everyone has their own promotion here do not know, we introduced them one by one, I believe we already understand, do the most important technology of others already done. This time we need to do is


now the Internet era is the era of resource sharing, we share their promotion to know about it, let us go forward, come on,