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We often say

to write original, but many people do not know how to write original, actually this is not a difficult thing, just to see if you are willing to do, or in the input-output ratio is given to spend energy budget. But in any case, writing is one of the skills that grassroots need.

June 30th A5 version of the chat invitation grassroots entrepreneurs – binary network (personal blog, shared writing skills and experience in his soft, the finishing part version welcome discussion.


binary network, formerly known as He Guijiang, 1988. Excels in the soft Wen writing, the website optimization, 21 years old starts contacting the website operation. Now write 3-4 original articles every day, optimize the service for the enterprise website, soft text income, 3000-4000 per month.

: the guest wrote a lot of articles. Let’s talk about your writing skills first.

answer: for soft Wen skills, this aspect has a lot of friends asked me, all say writing soft Wen will pen acerbity. In fact, it is this truth, writing a soft text does not matter, but if long-term writing down, it is difficult. I think the biggest skills are all reading, not only the knowledge of the webmaster, experience, and more extensive reading, and even literary works can improve their writing ability.

: how do you read that? How many articles do you read every day, and how do you increase your writing material and inspiration?

answer: daily accumulation, time is huge. Just like if Baidu collects the content of the website every day, 10 pieces a day, more than 3 months, more than 1000. Inspiration comes from discovery, and even when chatting with webmaster forums, it can sometimes inspire. Looking at a headline written by someone else can even lead to a different point of view, I think. Just like in the previous days wrote a series of "small and medium-sized webmaster should be in China", the nine chapter content, the title from a called "win in China" QQ group.

asked: wrote a lot of soft Wen, but many places have been deleted by the administrator, how to do?


answer: in fact, when we carry out soft Wen promotion, some administrators can not help but delete articles, but with skills can also avoid such a situation. With the development of web content as far as possible, note, such as " at the end of this article; I write this post is not only to promote their own advertising, it is hoped that things will give you hope, "ha ha, Mo delete management people are emotional animal. And a post plus a link is enough, learn to smooth cut into.

with the king of a sentence to answer it: "soft text" is to promote a very free and convenient way.

asks: writes the soft Wen to has no literature cell the person to be more difficult, the honored guest thinks,

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