Talking about my first soft Wen how many visits

creeps me every day to the station every day stroll, see everyone to share their experience, the soldier benefit, do promotion for several months, a small harvest, these days also began to write a few soft, because the soldier do is business class website, it had to write their own release in some business forum! Did not expect the first article I wrote in the June 30th July 1st Alibaba issued the afternoon forum is recommended to the home page, July 2nd in today’s headlines Hyun of the day, the total traffic in post emergence has broken more than 5000! A lot every day Ali to add my friend who, in July 8th he wrote an article again, the expected Alibaba forum home page, the visit amount over 2000, over 50 of the reply.

, below I talk about some of the soft writing experience:

1. according to the positioning of their website to the right target website, first on the site popular articles generally belong to the type, and then try to write an article, must pay attention to the original, but the title must be attractive. For example, my first title: "unscrupulous boss, only 2000 months, forcing me to embark on entrepreneurship Road, many people see the topic came in, because the content of the original, everyone replies rate is high!


2. article does not lie in long, in essence, the article does not necessarily long is good, the key is to fine, long, but not grasp the theme, especially to write their own original soft Wen, we must firmly grasp the topic to write!


3. the most headache is how to write text to add their own site to achieve the purpose of publicity, I think a better way is to just a few large names added together, it is not easy to expose the suspicion of advertising, but also because we are more familiar with the station, so your station is particularly intriguing. You can own experience under specific.

4. careful study, intends to release soft Wen web site, not an article at any station release will be popular, according to different web site release different soft Wen


5. a lot on the station, to learn more, as the saying goes: read three hundred Tang poems, not poetry will sing! Long time will write


welcome everyone to exchange learning! QQ:1093236676 soldier website:, I hope you give some advice!