Share the feelings of attending DSCUZ webmaster conference in Jiangsu


DISCUZ! 10th anniversary Nanjing webmaster General Assembly held in Nanjing Huamao Kokusai Hotel, I just go to school in Nanjing, so this opportunity can not be missed. It’s necessary to attend. To tell you the truth, this webmaster conference has taught me some ideas and ideas I didn’t have before. It made me very happy. The Master share many dry cargo it is also full of awesome. With examples to guide novice webmaster or local webmaster direction. Here, I want to say, besides SEO, there’s still a lot to learn.

this conference is divided into four stages, and these four stages can also be regarded as a theme, namely, the introduction of 1 and DISCUZ, and the function of DZ X2.5. 2, round table – local forum related issues, thinking and sharing. 3, Tencent, micro-blog, Xu Zhibin’s speech on micro-blog. 4, round table – to explore the direction of the small webmaster. Let’s share them one by one.

DISCUZ! Product introduction and X2.5 features look ahead

for DZ products, I want to do BBS webmaster friends are not strange, DZ as can be said to be China’s largest open source BBS software provider, since 2000, has helped 1500000 adsense. We don’t say much about that. Let’s talk about the new features of X2.5.

The new features of

X2.5 are divided into six areas.

new community dynamics: This is mainly 1, @ function, realize micro-blog small function in BBS application realization, 2, pay attention to function and first points a bit similar, 3, micro-blog comment and community review interoperability.

professional portal system: 1 portal can generate static files, is conducive to website optimization. 2, push the data, you can cut the picture online. 3, visual template data editing (DIY), and so on.

mobile Internet: DZ version of the mobile version and client optimized, so that the effect is better.

new technology: 1 background automatic updates vulnerability patch, 2 online upgrade version of the background, for BBS change is not very big, especially beneficial. 3, the background plug-in platform automatically updated, reducing the webmaster search plug-in resources time.

anti irrigation: 1, the field post audit system, to prevent violations posted. 2, registered mandatory password strength. 3 scans weak password users to notify or freeze. Increase member stickiness. 4, cloud security processing.

cloud platform: on the basis of X2.0 better optimization, there will be the emergence of DZ advertising alliance.

local forum related issues, thinking and sharing

In the following part of the question,

focuses on 2 issues, namely, these two issues have also led to heated discussions.

1, is the vertical class site right?