The design method of exhibition name and the matters needing attention

is so popular in the exhibition activities today, all over the country are actively carry out a series of events, in order to attract more investment, at this time, a good name of the exhibition is particularly important.

for exhibition title "Chinese international" program, there is no unified regulations. But the general rule is that the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of science and technology to the applicant, is generally not a commercial exhibition company of such institutions, but the local government or national associations and chambers of Commerce or society (mainly "China" head of the association, the Association), or the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the Department of Commerce, Department of science and Technology (Bureau). As the capital city government proposed the exhibition named "Chinese international" applications, should be reported to the provincial (autonomous region) government approval, by the province (autonomous region) government to report to the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of science and technology; such as "China" head of the association in Beijing Exhibition Exhibition named "Chinese international, put forward" application you need to, the Provincial Department of Commerce or science and Technology Department issued consent application letter.

is specified by the State Council in charge of the Ministry of Commerce of the exhibition industry because of the unified management of government departments, commercial trade, so be approved "China International Exhibition title" most of the government departments.

on accurate. The theme of the exhibition is the key phrase in the name of the exhibition, which is the concentrated expression of the scope and the object of the exhibition. For example, China international software & Information Service Fair (Dalian), Chinese (Chongqing) International cloud computing technology products Expo and Beijing International Exhibition of networking applications, although the theme of the exhibition are related to computer and Internet technology, but the computer software, cloud computing and networking is the specialized niche concept, so the 3 exhibition the exhibition area and the service object is not the same.

to accurately design exhibition in the name of the exhibition theme phrase, must respect the industry standards or industry related habits. If the exhibition theme of the architectural ceramics exhibition can not be used "ceramic tile", the theme of the exhibition should not be called "small animals". In this regard, the industry associations, professional societies in the name of the concept on the industry or professional into the theme of the show, is relatively appropriate. Such as China (Shanghai) baking equipment and technology exhibition theme of the exhibition, by the Chinese baking industry and sugar industry association in the name of the concept of refining the industry.

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