Small and medium sized enterprises without perfect grasp accurate user demand

industry competition is very intense, especially the platform wars, in recent years is intensified, showing incompatible situation more and more, many second tier enterprises have to advance the stand, some small and medium enterprises "pressure alexander".

these words, it is said B2C business, in fact the same B2B. First of all, B2B is essentially B2B2C, in the face of direct transactions of B end users, if you can more than the end of the C end users to consider, there must be a chance to win more. Secondly, B end users as there will be pain, these business owners, business users and decision makers is the same person, there will be various information of the bombing, there are social channels and social groups, but also by opinion leaders.

is different from the online platform quickly focus on the trend, mutual promotion of line, do not rely on stand by cooperation, is also used to say the construction of channel construction, it is also a kind of ecological system.

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