Sliced noodles to join the brand choose Jin Xiao Er can not make money

Sliced noodles has good taste, nutrition is delicious. On the Sliced noodles brand good? The second Sliced noodles called traditional brand.

Shanxi 2 Sliced noodles since ancient times through the ages, the Qing Dynasty of the world Lian Li first Yu Chenglong ancestral home Shanxi Yongning, Shanxi 2 Sliced noodles Sliced noodles to eat what his childhood love of hometown. He in the official, in case of a noodle shop opened, surface smooth taste, long aftertaste, small stores hospitality service, was asked by the old home to the noodle restaurant waiter. Joy more than emotion, Yu Chenglong called the store to fetch text, wrote the "Jin Xiao Er" three words. The second Sliced noodles how stores that Yu Chenglong identity, profusely, treasure, the title of "Jin Xiao Er" made noodle plaque.

Shanxi Sliced noodles began in the Yuan Dynasty, flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the more modern people are respected, Jin Xiao Er Sliced noodles become one of Shanxi’s most representative place to eat. "Jin Xiao Er" catering Co. Ltd. of Shanxi Sliced noodles followed the authentic flavor, Jin Xiao Er Sliced noodles join merchants hospitality, small business adhering to the business concept, how will the two Jin Sliced noodles, delicious and affordable smile to every customer.

there are many foreign guests especially love the taste characteristics of the local food, would rather give up the luxurious banquet, also want to come here special taste. It is said that the most busy the shop one day to sell more than 2 thousand bowls of Sliced noodles. Thus Sliced noodles in the Datong charm really is as the acme of perfection. The second Sliced noodles by the majority of consumers


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