Open a beverage store only need these three steps

does not love life of workers, do not want to live that day in and day out of nine to five days, how to change your life, but only business, but they have no idea what a good idea of what to do, no capital, Never mind, catering business is a good platform for entrepreneurs to join, drink less investment, the risk is low, but also to meet the business when the boss wishes. Open a beverage store only need these three steps.

a clear in the end what kind of drink to open a store

beverage stores in fact still a more general concept, in accordance with the sale type can also be divided into tea shops, tea shops, fruit drink shops, coffee shops etc.. Each has its own characteristics, investment is also different. First, I want to know what kind of beverage shop to open, and then a rough calculation of their ability to open, whether the funds support. Currently, most tea shop, small cost will have a big reward, but the fierce competition; the coffee shop is good, but the investment is too large; tea shop gradually on the rise, but only some people can accept the taste of tea; fruit drink shops is also rising, it is healthy, young and old. If the investment is not great, and hope that the future can have a better development prospects, then the fruit shop will be a very good choice.

two, to determine a good store

store location determines the success or failure of the shop, although this is not absolute, but it is not difficult to see the importance of the store. To a certain extent, the business depends on the size of the surrounding consumer groups, and the location of the store determines the size of the consumer groups. Generally speaking, in the following areas would be better to open beverage shop: 1, commercial areas, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, commercial pedestrian street; 2, dining area, such as the taste of delicacy street; 3, entertainment area, such as playgrounds, large entertainment plaza, tourism scenic spot; 4, the campus area, such as universities, schools and so on; 5, business district, Central Business District, such as office buildings, etc..

three, choose the right shop model

shop model has two kinds: one is the independent shop, is to fix everything on their own, whether products, materials or equipment; but to join the brand, which investors join a brand, and then by joining the company for investors to provide a variety of services. Select the first shop mode, they must be very understanding of the industry, there are channels to solve a variety of raw materials and equipment problems, but also their own R & D products. If you can not solve the above problems, investors still choose to join the insurance.

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