Ornamental jujube planting fruit growers good way to get rich

in addition to home for some common plants, now many people begin to choose some kind of potted fruit, such as jujube pot is a kind of people love, also let the business people earn a lot, if you want to know this content, look at some information about pot!

1. jujube miniascape optimum varieties

View branch, view of dried jujube miniascape: Long Jujube and jujube branches. Among them, the dragon has long jujube jujube varieties in Hebei, Shandong long jujube, jujube and Henan jujube Dali dragon dragon.

: Gracilaria jujube. Growth is weak, development branch, branch and branch off of the results of both bending and torsion growth, branch shape peculiar, dragon claw, so also known as dragon jujube and jujube. The fruit surface is often uneven and distorted.

2. culture soil preparation and selection of container

3. seedling selection and basin

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