How to display new cigarettes

a shop to the new product, if you do not do a good job related to the display, there is no way to attract the attention of consumers, want to sell the new nature is also difficult. In fact, to improve the level of cigarette display, enhance the image of the show, is to enhance the operating capacity of cigarettes, to promote consumer purchase, one of the effective ways to increase profitability. The author believes that cigarette display can be from the following aspects.

is a focus. Cigarette display can not be where there is a place where the new product, and sometimes not easy to see, may lose some sales opportunities. To highlight the key, among the many varieties, the current focus on nurturing the brand placed in the most eye-catching position, as far as possible with the center of the line of sight level.

two is enhanced visual effects. Sometimes, due to a variety of counter cigarettes, the focus of the brand does not necessarily allow consumers to pay attention, it is necessary to enhance the visual effect of key brands. For example, so that the focus of the brand and the surrounding varieties have a certain color, or an appropriate increase in the placement of the brand, the store can be placed in a large box 2-4 display smoke, the store can be placed in a small cigarette.

three is the focus around the brand to cooperate with other publicity. In order to highlight the key brand especially some just listed near the new products, we should do some publicity, which requires the consumers into the store within the field of view show the pictures of goods, attract the attention of consumers, some stores relatively large customers can put up some promotional materials.

four is to avoid the brand show old and overcrowded. Brand display to fully show the freshness of the brand, which requires regular replacement of cigarette display products, to ensure the freshness of display. In addition, the cigarette placement can not be too crowded, small store suggested to set aside a certain position to display cigarettes, to achieve intensive but not messy visual effects.

many shops do not sell new products are in place, which is actually a great relationship with the product display, how to display, in fact, plagued by many operators. So, with a small series of these methods, as the owner of you, now know how to do a good job on the display of cigarettes?

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