Join liquor agents must learn to solve the conflict with the agency headquarters

New Year’s arrival, is the best time for the annual liquor business. Liquor in recent years to join the meaning of a slight decline, but there are still many development opportunities. Before you do this, you need to know how to deal with the conflict between the agent and the agent.

liquor agents conflict is a common problem in the management of distribution channel of star products. When dealing with conflict, be sure to understand what is the main cause of the conflict?

The reason

enterprises to join the conflicts among agents in the treatment of liquor must consider three questions:


Second, see liquor agents to join between malicious competition or mutual benefit. If it is malicious competition, enterprises in the processing, we must punish the malicious competitors, revocation of the right to sell; if mutually beneficial, to take a negotiated solution.

Third, the conflict is a threat to the interests of the enterprise. If the conflict between liquor agents to join a direct threat to the interests of the enterprise, or even cause great losses to the enterprise, the enterprise should terminate the cooperation can be solved through legal means, of course, generally do not take this means.


make liquor agents to join the inventory management of

because the star products better pin, relatively speaking, liquor delivery agents to join quantity and the rate of delivery is relatively high, some of the liquor agents that star products sold to the season even have no goods, so regardless of the consequence, has always been to the warehouse inventory. Of course, there are some business staff, in order to get the results, get the Commission, try to get the liquor to join agents to take delivery, do not consider the situation of liquor agents and market players. As a result of poor inventory problems, such as: product backlog, expired products, moisture damage and other issues.

so that enterprises in the management of liquor agents, the agents should also be liquor inventory management as an important management task. To do two things: first, to guarantee reasonable inventory liquor agents, of course, the 100% is reasonable also does not exist, there is a reasonable inventory formula in the industry: storage – order – order quantity of actual inventory balance = average daily demand X days + security order. Second, the correct storage and storage of goods.

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