nnovation and entrepreneurship education can not only rely on Colleges and Universities

in the management of activities open, the whole society is called for the strengthening of the entrepreneurial education, colleges and universities are educational reform, entrepreneurship education will be incorporated into the teaching plan. However, in the days before the 2015 Xinhua Education Forum, vice president of Beijing Normal University said that not all expect the innovation and entrepreneurship education.

in Ge Jianping’s view, innovation and entrepreneurship education needs a complete industrial chain, government and social responsibility should also be clear. He expressed his concern: "now the community is more recognition of success, publicity is also a winner. A student fails to start a business, and if he can get a lesson, I think he’s a success."

"interactive innovation and entrepreneurship students and teachers, colleges and society, is a kind of collaborative innovation, the whole society to cultivate innovative cultural environment, namely" Houzhi public entrepreneurship, innovation of the soil ". Wang Xiaomei, Deputy Secretary General of China Higher Education Association believes that the whole society needs to form a tolerance of college students entrepreneurship, allowing the failure of the cultural atmosphere.

universities are constantly strengthening entrepreneurship education of university teachers, but mostly no entrepreneurial experience, for the start of the lack of practical experience, which has some obstacles for entrepreneurship education. It is not advisable to push the burden of innovation and entrepreneurship education to colleges and universities. It is necessary for the society to cultivate innovative talents.

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