Home Furnishing jewelry shop named Wuji secret

now Home Furnishing Home Furnishing life, the demand for products, at the same time, a good Home Furnishing name can also bring a lot of good business for the entire Home Furnishing shop but at the same time, the best start to choose a name, don’t change.

a similar.

the same name first is no personality, not to show their shops unique side, and is easily confused with other names, so as to mislead customers, even let other tourists go shop.

two Jiyong polyphone.

to polyphone name, name two or more pronunciation will give people a call to bring a lot of inconvenience, easy to let the customer feel at a loss. For example: the "pleasure" is the two reading, reading Le, read Yue, so that people do not know what to read better, and for (Xing, hang), (Sheng, Xing,  ), (Chong, Zhong) (Qian, Xi), Dorothy, (Chao, Zhao) in etc..

bogey shengpizi.

The name is the best way to promote the

four semantic obscure.

meaning is obscure name too esoteric, others cannot read. As with unfamiliar words, what is good, no one knows, good moral has no meaning. Or simply a meaningless name, people can not touch the mind, such as the combination of letters, or imitate the name of another person to change the phenomenon of a word. These are not sensible choices.

In fact, the name of


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