What are some of the tricks to prevent cigarette loss

cigarettes once damp or deformation is difficult to sell out, even if sold easily lead to customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, the loss of cigarette business is very large. If the owners don’t want to bear this loss, nature also need to do a good job of cigarette product security. In short, the retail customers in the business of goods, cigarettes is undoubtedly more valuable. Therefore, in the course of business, retail customers to prevent loss of cigarettes is very important. So how to strengthen the management of retail customers on cigarettes? I combine my work experience, to the vast number of retail customers to provide the following suggestions.

one is to prevent the cigarette damp, squeezed. Do not stack on the ground, do not close to the wall, where the storage of cigarettes to ventilate. At the same time, the cigarette, especially the soft packaging cigarette is easy to wrinkle by extrusion, so it is best not to put other items on it.

two is to put the cigarette and pungent odor items separately. If the cigarette and the pungent smell of the items placed together, it is easy to smell.

three is arranged to follow the "first in, first out" principle, to ensure that cigarettes do not take the oil, not moldy".

four is to prevent the cigarette stolen, was switched.

five cigarettes are sold, will not be returned. If the return is very easy to sneak cigarettes.

six is sent to the delivery of cigarettes, we must check the delivery ticket, to ensure that the above data is accurate and then sign.

seven is to avoid cigarette exposure to sunlight. Long time is sunlight, cigarette color distortion, even cigarette taste.

For the loss of

cigarette shop business development is very unfavorable, so a cigarette operators any only do related to cigarette loss prevention effect will make their economy will not be bigger. So, there are more than the small series of these content, if you are a cigarette operator, these tricks will help you shop management?

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