Listen to the words of the customer so that Daniel Chan business is more popular

customers should listen to the words? Different owners will have different views, however, for the owner Daniel Chan, the words of the customers really need to listen to. Now, let us know, look at Daniel Chan boss why there is such an understanding, he is how to do.

cigarette sales of this commodity when it comes to a lot, if you do not pay attention, then it will violate the law, and ultimately punished. And if this product is sold well, then you can earn income, but also to promote the sale of other goods. In the sale of cigarettes, I respect the needs of customers?

some customers when buying cigarettes, said to me: "boss, can you give me a lighter! I forgot to bring a lighter!" In fact, most of the time, we sell a box of cigarettes are not making a lighter money, but since the customer mouth, we can not meet their requirements. If you do not meet him, then it will certainly offend him, and ultimately lose their customers. How can this be done?

later, a customer told me that customers buy cigarettes is to borrow a fire, so you can prepare some matches in the supermarket, so that the cost is reduced, but also to meet the needs of customers. How much money a box of matches, to the customer or a human, but also to narrow the distance between each other, enhance each other’s feelings. To send a much lighter.

I think his suggestion is very good, a few days, I bought a number of matches. Whenever a customer needs, I will give him a box. After receiving the customer, thank you very much. A customer said: "boss, thank you very much, you are to buy a send ah. Next time, I’m sure you’ll be here to buy cigarettes." Sure enough, he really came to me, and become an old customer.

my box of matches won a big surprise. And this is the result of listening to customer suggestions. There are customers who said that I will get a whole lot of cigarettes, not only to sell a brand, have their own characteristics. Each kind of cigarette has the certain customer, the variety is many, so the customer nature also many. I think it makes sense, in the past, when the client manager to recommend, I do not accept, only to sell their interest in those.

later, I bought a large number of cigarettes that I had not sold before. With this practice, customers have come in. They see me here is simply the world of cigarettes, there is a sudden impulse to buy. Because of the rich variety of dazzling. There are a lot of customers heard that we are here, so also specifically to come here to buy. Word of mouth has gradually, and more customers. And I know that all this can not be achieved without the customer’s advice. Listen to the advice of our customers, we will be able to seize the business opportunities, otherwise we can only miss. Therefore, I suggest that we must listen to the customer. >

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