What is the cause of the Fujian Housing nstitute was stabbed to death

for the current society, although people’s living standard continues to increase, but with the common psychological problems are more and more, a lot of things happen, we are amazed by the beginning, and later used to. So, in the face of houses was stabbed to death in Fujian, what is the matter?

5 noon 11 pm, a man suddenly with a knife broke into the Pingnan County of Fujian Province, Ningde Housing Construction Bureau Fangguansuo director office, the director Zhang stabbed, director of the chapter after the hospital died. The suspect was captured on the spot.

Pingnan County Housing Construction Bureau staff introduction, 5 noon at 10:50, my colleagues heard the director’s office came a shout, they rush to see, director of neck blood, lying on the ground.

stands a man with a knife." The staff said, they will be surrounded by the murderer, then rushed to the police captured the suspect. According to reports, the 36 year old director surnamed Zhang, a 9 year old son, the usual good man. After the hospital died.

Pingnan County Public Security Bureau informed that the suspect surnamed Zhou, Pingnan, 43. Currently, the case is under further investigation.

for the case, Xiao Bian just want to say that when the suspect killed Zhang Zhang, he was caught up. Whether this is what kind of reason, we hope that the people still want to pick up the legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests, must not be impulsive, to destroy others to destroy themselves, in the end a sieve".

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