Returnees entrepreneurs Hu Jie a 60 after the entrepreneurial story

every successful entrepreneur, behind the entrepreneurial road, presumably are full of hardships. Students in Shijingshan Pioneering Park, there is a third party free marketing platform – Amoy free single network. Founder Hu Jie is a "60 after", but he was specially selected on the day of the establishment of the Youth Festival in.


– center chief consultant Dr. Xia Yingqi

of Beijing overseas scholars

twice entrepreneurship two encounter twists and turns


Just a year after the

, restless Hu Jie again choose entrepreneurship. He began to want to do the Internet, but did not get financing, had to come up with their own savings, the development of the relatively low cost of audit software, customers include the State Administration of Taxation and the Shandong, Hubei, Shanghai and other government departments. But this has been very influential in UFIDA, Hu Jie company, but with the UF competition in the battle and retreat, and later even can not afford to pay the rent.

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