Jiaxian go home and go out with the venture

farmers entrepreneurship is divided into two kinds, one is to return home business, and the other is to go out to start a business. Henan Jiaxian for the two entrepreneurial farmers have provided special help to create excellent results.

in the water diversion canal bridge Jiaxian safefine southwest of the town there is a small, high-tech enterprises. In the workshop, from the grinding, mud, forming process, to sintering, carbonization, pressure cap positions, more than 40 workers are busy. In November 5th, the leadership of the town government alion told reporters, the main production enterprises with the resistance of the ceramic substrate, its products are exported to the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta region, is currently the only one in Pingdingshan City, the production of such products, the annual output value of about 50000000 yuan, TV, ice box on the tube a lot is produced here.

this is called Pingdingshan City Taiwan electronic technology limited company enterprise, its founder, is a 37 year old farmer Cheng Jichao Ann Liangzhen home business.

to create a good business environment, since this year, Jiaxian to promote entrepreneurship and accelerate employment as a new engine of economic and social development. They set up a leading group of entrepreneurship and employment, the development of the national entrepreneurship program. To solve the problem of shortage of funds business personnel through the issuance of financial discount small loans; by holding "in the part of the township entrepreneurs star" and "business model" on the recognition of activities, and actively cultivate entrepreneurship typical, broaden the field of entrepreneurship, optimize business environment, support and encourage successful home business, bigger and stronger economic return". At present, the county registration of individual industrial and commercial households and all kinds of enterprises in 15767, the county home business staff of more than 26 thousand and 800 people, 1 billion 800 million yuan into the venture capital, providing more than 50 thousand jobs for the society, the annual output value of 2 billion 800 million yuan.

in the bigger return economy at the same time, the county also actively carry out migrant workers employment service work, do strong "economic work". They set up the county, township and village three employment information network, fast quality for migrant workers to provide employment information; in Suzhou and the establishment of the Jiaxian migrant workers migrant workers outside the party organization, to build a platform for mutual assistance.

to improve migrant workers entrepreneurship, employment ability, the county according to the employment needs of enterprises, through the development of training and training to achieve seamless, training and employment posts; according to the classification of migrant workers will carry out the sunshine project training, poverty alleviation training, disabled employment training, training and skill training of rural practical technology. This year, the county has organized various types of skills training 22, training staff of 15500 people, after more than 85% of Vocational and technical training to achieve employment.

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