Nanjing Yurun 1 billion yuan medium term notes payment crisis again

investment risk, financial need to be cautious. "Nanjing Yurun" due to various reasons lead to mismanagement, and thus fall into the 1 billion yuan medium-term notes payment crisis. So, what is the specific situation? The following Xiaobian take you to a detailed understanding.

13 MTN1 of the company in May 13, 2013, Yurun "the public offering of the year 2013 the first phase of medium-term notes (bonds referred to as the" 13 Yurun MTN1 "), the size of the issue size of 1 billion yuan, issued for a period of three years, the coupon rate is 5.27%, the bonds should be in May 13, 2016 officially expired payment of principal and interest, principal and interest. The current issue of bonds by the Bank of China and CITIC Bank as a joint lead underwriter.

had previously appeared short financial material breach of Nanjing Yurun Food Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Nanjing Yurun") or appear again 1 billion yuan medium-term notes payment crisis.

5 3, Nanjing Yurun released in the year 2013 the first phase in note (13 Yurun MTN1) holders meeting resolution announcement shows that the holder of this phase of ticket in April 26th through the off-site meeting through the form, including the request the issuer to provide a clear "13 Yurun MTN1" interest payment plan 6 bill.

however, the motion of "two" and "Five", respectively is the issuer default for daily penalty, and require underwriters to provide liquidity support to the bill, because there are 270 million yuan holders voted against the holders agree accounted for less than 3/4 was rejected.

investors have told reporters, in April 8th held a meeting of the holders of the scene we all the holders of the scene voted against. However, the announcement of the resolution, as well as 280 million yuan of investors voted in favor, of which the holders of the 270 million is not present in the BOC international."

also said the investors, Bank of China is currently the most rain? The loan line, is the current period of the Underwriters, but also the most votes in this period? Hold? , with the current period of 270 million? Folk coin. Due to holding? The meeting of the bill by the need to hold more than 3/4? Forehead? Hold, in? This actually holds? The meeting was formed in an absolute sense Vote veto. So the suggestion? Financial avoidance hold? To vote or to make a reasonable explanation of the conflict of interest and to disclose to the market.

reporter many continue to call the Bank of China is responsible for the bond underwriting, and this issue in writing to the Bank of China head office official confirmation, as of press time, yet to receive a reply.

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