The new Huizhou Huimin policy to invest nearly 200 million yuan to buy public rental

housing problem has been the concern of urban residents, especially for urban workers, housing conditions are urgently needed to improve. In order to better improve the urban people’s housing problem, Huizhou invested 200 million yuan to develop public rental housing.

Huizhou in the country to start the first public tender procurement of public rental. The day before the bidding announcement, relevant public resources trading center in Huizhou City, Huizhou City, Hung said that the housing and urban planning and Construction Bureau to be respectively 114 million yuan and 85 million 500 thousand yuan budget to purchase 200 units of public rental and 100 sets of personnel of public rental housing, a total amount of 199 million 500 thousand yuan, down conversion of purchasing housing price reached 9500 yuan / square meters.

it is understood that 200 of the public rental housing and public rental housing units of the amount of the 100 sets of the amount of the tender from the previous $84 million, 72 million yuan raised to $114 million, $85 million 500 thousand.

In addition to

, the highest price model of regional procurement projects, the tender offer shall not be higher than the office of the streets of Huizhou City Real Estate Management Bureau of Huicheng District residential average price of commercial housing, the purchase price as the highest bid listings. After the adjustment, change the 8 street office center of Huicheng district and 3 town residential housing price, Qiaodong, West and north of more than 9000 yuan / square meters; Henan shore, Long Feng, three, and 7000 in Ru ~ 9000 yuan / m2; Shuikou, Jiangnan and Xiaojinkou as for six thousand or seven thousand yuan. The highest price for the east area, reaching 9500 yuan / square meter, while Ma is not more than 5900 yuan / square meter price bottom.

, according to local media reports, Huizhou city is currently in the construction of the south in the public housing project is expected to complete the project before the end of this year. Public rental housing construction projects in Huinan plan total investment reached 250 million yuan, a total of 1138 suites, one or two respectively 705 sets and 433 sets, the main apartment layout for two rooms, more than 80%. The project is health vocational college, city college and other colleges and universities distribution, housing demand is large, geographical advantages are obvious.

in the future, Huizhou public rental housing will no longer be built, but turned to the market to buy commercial housing supplement. That is to say, in the last Huizhou Huinan become with the construction of public rental housing. It is worth noting that the 1138 sets, a total construction area of about 64 thousand square meters in south project, according to 250 million yuan investment calculation, cost less than 4000 yuan per square meter.

urban housing problem is concerned about the well-being of millions of people, sloppy! Huizhou municipal government wants to think of the masses, the introduction of the new policy will provide more favorable conditions for the development of the city!

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