Open the home of the early days of lazy supplies can make money

now people’s economic conditions are getting better and better, and this corresponds to the people, but also more and more lazy, in this context, a lazy shop naturally become a good choice for many entrepreneurs. Here, the small series to introduce you to the owner of this article to open the store to achieve profitable money case.


of modern life in an increasingly fast pace, many white-collar workers are usually busy no time to take care of daily life, therefore, many disposable supplies popular these white-collar welcome, a huge "lazy" market has been born.

3 years ago, graduated from the University of Shandong, Xiao Hao graduated, and with her boyfriend came to Shanghai. With their own computer science, she worked as a programmer in a IT company.

in Shanghai, white-collar workers are often referred to as the new lazy". They pay well in smart clothes and saving time, advocating simple way of life.

small Hao boyfriend’s life is typical of the lazy phase, his residence has a set of lazy essential new weapons". In order to facilitate the move and travel, he love sleeping inflatable bed; he even bought new dishwasher pot can also throw clean; he wore a "lazy socks", is to save every morning he used the time resolution of the heel; the lazy breakfast machine, can automatically generate fragrant with amazing speed every day of his sandwich; sweeper didn’t need his bow……

one day, a bunch of my colleagues came to their place to play, to see those lazy products with the small Hao and her boyfriend, was very surprised, someone suggested Xiao Hao to open a "lazy shop".

was inspired by the small Dayton, in the face of the fast pace of modern life, who do not want to save time? If you open a lazy supplies store, monopoly those who can make white-collar time saving lazy products, there must be a market.

shop early to make money

a few months later, the small Hao resigned to work, and her boyfriend to come up with 60 thousand yuan savings, began the search operations". They visited the major wholesale markets in Shanghai, into a lot of disposable products. Such as disposable tableware, napkins, tablecloths, towels, disposable toothbrush, soap and aromatic shoe cloth, disposable paper underwear, slippers and so on, these are not recycled goods, which has the advantages of simple operation, used to throw, very lazy like them.

at the same time, they also do not forget to include some "lazy" used for fashion goods, such as a month only once poured water "lazy pot"; whether you want to sit to let you lie to lie comfortably "lazy sofa"; can automatically be garbage volume compression 2/3 "lazy garbage" etc..

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