Suitable for one hundred thousand yuan of entrepreneurial projects which

a lot of people in the time of entrepreneurship have been limited by the cost, so many people do not have enough money in the hands of the time to give up entrepreneurial opportunities. So today I want to tell you, in fact, even if you do not have so much money in the hands of a lot of projects are entrepreneurial.

5-8 million venture project recommended: Handmade yogurt bar

yogurt is a handmade yogurt as the theme of the concept of products, product line of yogurt, drinks, desserts, baked baking compound creative store! By hand for real quality characteristics, adopt a transparent to do now is to sell the business model, the traditional preparation method of dairy products into the store of modern culture create a quick nutritious yogurt culture! Do now is to sell, fast production, health and nutrition, refused to add the number of probiotics yogurt shop! Activity up to 20 billion, so that customers really feel intestinal probiotics live! To standard shop 30 square meters as an example, the basic investment of about 50 thousand yuan.

5-8 million venture project recommended: Youth Hostel


5-8 million venture projects recommended: Health bakery



5-8 million venture projects recommended: Aromatherapy shop

sesame oil, vanilla, incense, incense, fragrant sachet, ornaments, these delicate aromatherapy products, not only can decorate the room, also can adjust the mood, so popular with white-collar workers of all ages. The rise of SPA, yoga and other leisure activities, but also to promote the sale of aromatherapy products. Therefore, the aroma into the Shanghai market, although the time is not long, but has already become a kind of fashion, has a good market prospects.

aromatherapy shop by commodity winning, appearance, flavor, aroma quality, packaging products, often determines the success or failure of business. Therefore, the operator must take care in the supply organization, suggestions and many suppliers, the introduction of new and unique products, such as SPA special fragrance lamp, slimming essential oil, aromatherapy bath salt flavor; in choosing to have followed the trend, such as lavender, rosemary, Green Tea flavor flavor, can absorb.

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