Shanghai free trade zone to start overseas talent innovation platform

this time last year, Shanghai has established an overseas innovation and entrepreneurship base for overseas entrepreneurs to provide a better place. While the first pilot in the FTA pilot base established in the offshore business base in Pudong international talent city recently launched. The base in Shanghai FTA and Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone double self linkage to explore ways and channels for overseas talent and national innovation driven development of effective docking.

as China Association for science and technology cooperation projects in Shanghai, Shanghai FTA overseas talent innovation base in August 2015 officially inaugurated. Offshore base for overseas talents, the implementation of "regional registration, overseas business", is the international comprehensive business platform has cited only talent recruitment, business incubators, professional services and other functions. Headquartered in Pudong, the international headquarters of the offshore space is located in the international talent City, undertake overseas projects pre incubation, overseas high-end service organizations and other functions, is an important carrier of service overseas talent, promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

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reports, FTA offshore innovation base cooperation space currently has 7, respectively, the bonded area of Lujiazui entrepreneurial talent building block, Pudong City, a number of international talent, innovation in Science Center, Finland China Innovation Center and Marvell, radiation area, Lujiazui area, bonded zone and port area of Zhang Jiang.

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was further enlarged, at the headquarters of the opening ceremony on behalf of the base space, coordination mechanism and Chinese Association for science and technology, China students studying in Japan Association, Shanghai Environmental Science Institute of the International Cooperation Group signed a cooperation agreement. At the same time, the first overseas talent Shanghai FTA business exchange activities also released information, plans to invite 80 – 100 with the industry or business experience, and with excellent project overseas entrepreneurs to FTA exchange visits, to achieve cross-border flow of innovation resources.

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business is global, but different countries have different policies, and in order to attract overseas entrepreneurs to make overseas venture capital to fruition in Chinese land, construction base that will definitely help the overseas business development. Relevant responsible person said, through the construction of offshore innovation base, and actively promote overseas talent innovation and Entrepreneurship of offshore system and policy pilot, explore overseas high-level talents of entrepreneurial projects in the offshore offshore business tax, enterprise registration, high-tech enterprises, intellectual property identification and other aspects of institutional innovation, to add momentum to the global Innovation Center in Shanghai construction.

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