n the first half of Guangxi 90 thousand people enjoy employment subsidies

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in order to promote public entrepreneurship activities have given entrepreneurs launched a series of venture capital subsidy policy, many entrepreneurs have to receive some subsidies for their own business.

8 18 days, reporters from the Autonomous Region Department of finance social security department was informed that this year, the autonomous region governments to increase the employment of capital investment, a total of 1-7 months to raise 869 million yuan in special employment funds, an increase of 9.7%; for the central financial subsidy funds 738 million yuan, an increase of 7.1%, urged me to a new area of employment step.

to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, autonomous region actively raise special employment funds, timely and full payment of all kinds of employment subsidies, according to statistics, access to all kinds of employment subsidies benefit up to 90 thousand the number of people on the first half of the region.

raise funds to support the employment assistance month "spring action" and "private enterprise recruitment week" college graduates employment service month "and other special activities to promote employment, employment assistance should be given to key employment groups. Among them, carried out around the spring action for a total of 870 thousand and 400 rural workers to provide free public employment services, the organization of the transfer of employment of 202 thousand and 700 people.

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