Open a curtain shop to pay attention to what matters

set up shop in the current has become the choice of many people, however, no matter which industry to choose, if you want to shop success, naturally have more attention. For entrepreneurs who should pay more attention to the attention of the place, so that it can make the business of the store to get more prosperous development. So, open a curtain shop to pay attention to what matters?

open a window shop is not open grocery store, a lot of technical things, you need to learn, to have entrepreneurial hardships to prepare, it is recommended to open a shop to do a few months to do a free look at how people do.

secondly, to understand where you are in the market situation, mainly the development of housing, the truth is very simple, the new housing should be installed curtains ah. There is a level of consumption, which determines how your future curtain shop location, at what level do you sell thousands of meters, estimated the curtain is not opened.

selected you shop address, the preferred downtown decoration company in many places, or places curtain shop more, because of the decoration decoration company basically is to find ah, house decoration company can take a look at your curtains. There are many new developments in the area, the best real estate lots.

material channel. Curtain cloth has three channels, imports, Guangdong curtains and Zhejiang curtains, imported mainly from South Korea and Europe, the price is high, make money, but not easy to sell. Guangdong goods is also good, a lot of imitation of Europe, the price is also high. Zhejiang is basically the imitation of Guangdong, the price, but the quality is definitely worse.

of course, we can not get the goods directly from the manufacturers, we generally take the goods from several large wholesale market, the North’s friends can consider Zibo, Zhoucun, the largest cloth wholesale market in the north, the majority of Zhejiang goods. Zhejiang, of course, went to Shaoxing. Wuhan Hankou wholesale market is also very large, Zhejiang, Guangdong goods are. Go to Guangdong in the south. Accessories are also available in these markets, it is recommended to find an experienced person in the shop to do the curtains for you.

shop, big shop sign is your key to success. Any commodity is a truth: no one I have, I have gifted, gifted people I special. You don’t have to be like anyone else. Regardless of your curtain shop is high or low grade, any grade have consumer groups, do not have to do high school low-grade, then finished. Store decoration or find a professional company to help you engage in it, so there is a feeling, of course, is to compare the grade shop……

business, curtain shop owners and decoration companies mainly rely on good relations with people know that the house had a decoration company as we all treasure ah, so, good relations with these companies will make a good fortune. And then your own skills will come in handy, if you know the government

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