Sanyou Decoction taste barbecue products how tongue the most authentic taste

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water fried meat become the new favorite in the catering sector, but to understand the history of the development of water flesh is very few, most people only know that it originated in South korea. When we visited Seoul, we thought so. Today’s topic, you may subvert the entire Korean fried meat dishes have a more in-depth view.

to tell you the truth, South Korea is the so-called water fried meat or something?

in our common people, will go to Seoul to South Korea, the first Ming, walking in the bustling streets of Myungdong, everywhere all the crowd gathered food stalls on the main road, has formed a "T shaped" snack street, when we collect various delicacy in Seoul but never heard Myeong Dong. The local people mention water fried meat.

in Korea there is no water fried meat? Those who love to eat do not agree with this statement, but it has proved that the country does not have water fried meat. That we usually see some of the South Korean fried meat and the like, in the eyes of diners, this food is?

When we are in search of

, but the accident found a news "in 2005, Mr. Kim Pak Hwa inventor and has the water fried meat (Mi Xi) taste a barbecue" patent, then, access to a large number of information records, from 2005, the city set off water fried meat boom.

data show that the Korean food management limited Sanyou Mr. Jin Zhehao developed and produced water, fried meat (Mi Xi) for a barbecue. And we know from the company to is the difference between traditional barbecue and water fried meat when we turned out to be such a confused concept. The traditional barbecue, regardless of taste or color, whether it is human (increase of staff) or material (carbon fire costs, not environmental protection), are the traditional drawbacks; it is precisely because of these drawbacks, Mr. Jin Zhehao developed for the Chinese people diet and taste – water fried meat (MI XI) a barbecue. The real meaning of the water fried meat not only to meet the requirements of the diners, at the same time, convenient, so that baked meat is not coke, not dry, delicate taste, and contains rich gravy. Therefore, the traditional barbecue is essentially defined as dry and wet barbecue.

water fried meat, a product of the main taste of barbecue has 3 kinds: one is the micro spicy type, one is strong, and the other is a light type. According to the 3 flavors to develop 5 different customers different needs of taste buds dipping, namely dipping sauce, fried meat, tomato juice, pure natural dip dry spicy, special dipping sauce, selected a dipping sauce.

Now the diners drink >

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